Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trips Downtown

Josh loves trains. Check out this post here to see just how much. To get in his train ride fix, we would drive downtown, park at the Salt Lake Central Station and hop on the Trax. Trax is free in the downtown area and there are lots of fun things to do there.

Josh did a lot of people watching on the train. I was always afraid that he was going to say something inappropriate about someone. We dodged that bullet way too many times.

Alright, this picture is next since I can't manipulate the pictures the way I want. Anyway, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a museum downtown. For the past couple of years they have had an "I Am a Child of God" exhibit. We decided to go down one last time since they were going to change the exhibit at the end of August. You can find out what exhibits they have currently here.As part of the exhibit you could build your own temple. Josh was a little disappointed that his didn't turn out just like the picture.

This is a picture of Josh showing off his swag. A summer camp at the Planetarium was doing an experiment outside. They were making mini rockets or something out of paper and straws. Josh found one and had to have it. His Simon doll came from the arcade. We went to play a little skee ball and some man, who I can only assume was an arcade regular, left some tickets in the game machine he was using. Josh took them to him and in return gave him the Simon doll. He was so proud of it.

We would go to Clark Planetarium as well. They have movies and stuff you can pay to watch but even better are the displays which are totally free! This picture is really fuzzy but after like 10 attempts, I was done trying.

And I'll end with cute Benj. He loves the train rides too. Just recently we went on the Front Runner train. He would look out the window until something caught his eye. Then he would follow it with his head until it was out of view. I should have taken a video. It was pretty funny to watch.

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