Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bear Lake

Since our mini vacation that we were going to have was canceled due to Tim's surgery, we used Tim's work retreat to Bear Lake as our vacation this summer. You could camp out if you wanted but we opted to not. I love camping, but with a baby, at someone's house I don't know, I didn't want to chance it. Last time we did that, Benj had the worst cold ever and we were all miserable that night.
Benjamin wasn't too sure about the sand. He stayed on the blanket for the first little while.

He ventured off a little and was kind of disgusted.

He realized it wasn't that bad, except when he tried to take a swig of milk from his sippy covered in sand.

And soon there was no turning back. Try changing a diaper when your kid looks like that folks. Not fun!

We sufficiently wore this little guy out.
Tim's work rented wave runners. Josh was super safe and had tons of fun. We thought he might be a little scared but he was a pro.

They also had some ATVs. Josh had a blast on those. The lawn was torn up by the time all the kids had a turn riding around.

Here a couple of videos. The first is Benjamin crawling around in the sand. The second is when we got back to Tim's parents' house that night. Benjamin was a little crazy watching the dog run around.

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Lucinda said...

Looks like it was a fun time. I love Bear Lake!