Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Josh's "Other Mommy"

It's true. Josh has an "Other Mommy". No, Tim and I have not decided to become polygamists (although Tim might not mind too much if it meant he would get a little action now and then, but that's for another post).

Anyway, MaryBeth convinced me to try out this game called Animal Crossing for the Wii. It's kind of like Sims but way toned down. You are a character that lives in a town with some animals. You make your way in life by fishing in the river and ocean, digging up fossils and picking fruit from trees. You then sell your stuff to get "bells" from the local merchant. Now what do you do with "bells" you ask. Simple, you buy furniture for your house or try to pay off your mortgage so you can get a bigger house. Or, you can go to the city.

Well, in the city you can get a makeover. That's what I did. After the stylist asked me a series of questions, out my character popped looking eerily similar to me. A nice little brown bob. Josh looked up from his trains most likely and said, "That's my other mommy." Now when I play, he asks if "other mommy" is going to go fishing or hit the rock to see if anything happens.

If I could only get "other mommy" to clean our house, I would be in heaven.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Puff the Magic Dragon

Puff the Magic Dragon is one of my favorite songs. I learned to play it on the guitar and would play and sing it for Josh quite often. So, it has also become one of Josh's favorites as well. Tim checked out a Puff book from the library with a CD.

One night before bed, Josh, Tim and I were reading books. He picked out this one and wanted to listen to the CD with it instead of just reading it. He was so focused on the pictures in the book this time as we listened to the music. We got to the part where Jackie Paper stops coming to see Puff. Josh asked why "Uff" was sad and I explained that Jackie Paper had grown up and was probably a daddy now so he didn't have enough time to pretend anymore and come and see Puff. Josh looked that page even more intently and his lower lip began to quiver. I then saw tears forming in his eyes. He let go of his side of the book, wiped his eyes and said, "Oh mom, that is really sad."

We continued on with the book with Josh wiping the few last tears that came. At the end of this book, a little girl shows up to play with Puff and you see Jackie Paper all grown up peeking at Puff and the girl you assume to be his daughter playing and having fun. Josh asks who that is and I explain. He then gets a huge grin on his face, his eyes light up and he says, "Hey, Uff is happy now!"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Check Please

I know that I am not skinny, slender or . . . okay I'll say it - I'm obese. Technically morbidly obese if you asked a doctor. But you won't see me on any of those TLC shows for sure. Even with all that said, I thought I could still enjoy a meal out with my husband for a early Valentine's Day. Not so. Not only am I overweight, I am also seven and a half months pregnant.

So we decided to go to Texas Roadhouse Grill on Friday night. This is the newest restaurant in Bountiful so it is always packed, especially on the Friday night before Valentine's Day. When we get there, they told us the wait would be about an hour and 15 minutes. Not too bad. Tim tried to shave some time off by telling them I was pregnant but it didn't work. So off we went to a couple of stores to buy things we didn't need. We get back about an hour later and Tim goes up to check where our wait time is. The hostess tells us happily that we have about another hour wait ahead of us. Apparently they said an hour and 50 minutes, not 15. Whatever, we'll wait.

So, about 5 minutes later, they call Tim's name. They had a table ready for us. Wow, I guess telling them I was preggers worked. But, it actually wasn't a table they had ready, it was a booth. Well, when I get to the booth, it looks pretty small. As I go to sit down, turns out I was right, it was really small. I almost needed a shoe horn to wedge me in there. Tim asks if I'm okay and I think I can handle it so I say I'm fine.

Now, the thing about having a little too much fat hanging around is that it squishes around and in pretty easily. It may not look pretty but you can squeeze into some tighter places than you really should if you have to. Not so when you are preggo. In my case, all the extra flab has moved down and around back. I'm pretty tight were the baby is. By the time our salads got to our table, I was pretty uncomfortable. After a couple of bites of salad, there was no getting around it, I was killing the baby. He was pushed in so far that I'm sure he would have been saying some choice words to me if he could.

So, my uncomfort took the cake and we had to ask for our food to go even though I was totally mortified that I had to admit that I was too fat to fit into a booth. That's it, after this baby, I'm hitting the gym. For reals this time.