Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Benjamin Dillingham Heare

It's only been five weeks since Benjamin was born. I think that is an acceptable amount of time to wait to blog about our new cute little boy.

One the morning of April 6, 2009, we got up as normal and got ready for the day. Tim and I drove Josh to school. Tim took him to class and I tied up a few little last ends at the office. We came back home and got the last few things ready for the hospital. We drove over and took a few things that we would need immediately with us and left the rest in the car. As we were walking to the front door of the hospital, I looked over and saw my reflection in the mirrored facade. Wow, I was huge. No wonder I didn't let Tim take pictures of me until that morning. You have to have something for posterity (and your blog). Gross, right? So anyway, we make it up to labor and delivery and tell them we are here for our c-section. The nurses look at us funny and then look at their book and then back at us. "We don't have any c-sections scheduled for today," they say. I almost started crying. I didn't want to wait another day. They decided to set us up in a room anyway and call Dr Pead to find out what was going on. They came back about 20 minutes later and said that we were good and Dr Pead was on board! Yeah, just a couple more hours.
They got me all hooked up to the machines and I waited for what seemed like an eternity. I think Benjamin was thinking the same thing because I started having contractions. According to the machine, they were pretty strong but I wasn't uncomfoftable in the least. I think maybe because I knew that I wouldn't have to deal with them for that long anyway.
Finally it was time to head on back to the operating room. When I saw the table I would be laying on, I thought it was really tiny. But thinking back on it, I guess it would have to be that narrow so the doctors can get in there and do their thing. So, I got my shot and lied down on the table with my arms spread out on either side of me. It was a lot different this time. With Josh, I had been in labor for about seven hours previous to this stage of the game and was already really out of it. But this time around, I went from being totally with it to slowly being aware that things were going on around me and I had no power to do anything about it. It was really weird. Tim and the doctors came in and I was ready to go. The whole procedure went really fast. I tried not to look at Tim because everytime he would peek over the curtain, he would make these faces like he was totally disgusted. I know it look gross because the day before we watched a c-section on TLC. But I didn't need to see it on Tim's face, so I tried to zone out. The next thing I know, Benjamin is out and they bring him over for me to see. All I remember seeing is a scrunched up face and massive amounts of hair. I gave him a little kiss and off he went with Tim. C-sections are great because you can plan for them and they are over really quick. But the one thing that I don't like about them, is that I don't get a chance to hold the new little one as soon as they are born. But then again, Tim had that special bonding time with him so it all works out.
Here are a few little pics of the new little one!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Too Much TV?

I admit, I use TV as a babysitter for my 4-year-old. In fact, he's watching TV right now. But things might be getting out of control. Tim took Josh to Walmart over the weekend to make a Mother's Day flower out of Legos. (It's cute by the way. I'll try and put a picture up later.) Anyway, they were also looking for a birthday present for Josh's cousin. All of a sudden, Josh saw this:
Josh immediately said: "Dad, I need the Better Batter Baseball!" Not, "Dad, I need a new baseball" or "Dad, I need a new bat" but the "Better Batter Baseball". This boy watches too much TV. He is getting sucked into the marketing schemes of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. They are in cahoots with ESPN to convince our young children that they need this contraption to play baseball. Not only does Josh think that he needs the Better Batter Baseball, but he also told me this morning that we needed to get some Glade Plug-in or other some such product so our house will smell good. So, not only am I a bad mother because I let my son watch too much TV, but apparently I don't clean enough so our house stinks as well. What are you going to do?

For I First Time I Feel . . .

Tim and I went to see "Wicked" last night and it was AMAZING! Tim bought me tickets for Chirstmas and it's seemed like a lifetime before it was time to go. We saw "Wicked" at The Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City. Tickets sold out in record time. There are rumors that the show will be coming back in October for another booking because of the overwhelming response. Here's hoping that I can save up enough money to go again if I can even get tickets.

I have listened to the soundtrack over and over. I was a little worried that I wouldn't like the singing as much after listening to the original Broadway cast. Because really, who can sing Glinda and Elphaba like Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel. Well, I loved the Elphaba in this production. She was amazing. She carried the whole show. Glinda was good, but I think that is because her character is so over the top and so well written. Not to discredit this actress' talent, because she was very talented, Elphaba just stole the show.

We had great seats. We were 11 rows back and just to the right of the stage. For about the first 20 minutes or so we didn't have anyone sitting in front of us. We had a perfect view of the stage. Then, of course, this couple that had to have been the tallest people in the theater, plowed their way through to take their seats. It wasn't too bad though. We could still see. I did get them back accidentally though. When we stood up for a standing ovation at the end, then didn't stand and when I went to straighten my dress, I totally knocked the girl in the head. Sorry, super tall girl that sat in front of me.

Just a little side note. Am I a bad mom for posting about "Wicked" before I posted about my new baby?