Thursday, October 28, 2010

Simple Halloween Crafts

I had some friends and their kids over earlier in the week to do some Halloween crafts and this is the first time I've had to post about them. They are seriously so easy that if you read this before Halloween and want to do them, you will be able to without too much fuss.

First is a spider. You need 4 black pipe cleaners per spider and some pony beads.

Take the pipe cleaners and bend in half. At the bend, twist a couple of times to make the head.

Then, spread out the ends to make the legs. Put a couple of beads on each leg. Bend each pipe cleaner about 1/3 of the way down and add a couple more beads. Make one final bend about 1/2 inch from the bottom, in the opposite direction to help your spider stand.

You can make it more Halloweeny by using orange pipe cleaners or beads - I could find neither. Super cute and super easy.

Next, paper lanterns. First take piece of construction paper and fold in half length wise. Cardstock works as well - just make sure it is a heavier weigh paper so it will stand. Next, make lines about 1 inch apart starting from the crease and stopping about 1 inch from the end. It should look like this.

Now, cut the lines. Once cut, open up your paper and tape the ends together. Decorate with cut out shapes. Punch two holes at the top for a string or whatever to hang your lantern. You can make anything really you want. I made a pumpkin, ghost and cat. I was thinking it might be fun to do Frankenstein or Hulk with older kids.

Last is a mummy. Take a wooden craft spoon and glue on craft sticks for the arms and legs. You can either cut regular size craft sticks down or you can buy smaller craft sticks.

Once the glue has dried, start wrapping 1-inch strips of muslin around and around. Glue down a starting point and wrap. I used about 3 strips per mummy give or take. Glue the end down. Add a couple of wiggly eyes and you have your very own mummy. (If you are local and want some muslin or sticks ready to wrap, let me know - I have lots extra.)

Super easy and fun. You can make these easier or harder depending on the age of your little ones. Just have them do as much as they can. Have fun!

I am going to try and post craft ideas for different times of the year - hopefully sooner than just a few days before the holiday!


Denise said...

These are super cute. I think we'll have to try the mummy!

Mom said...

So cute, Em. I'm sure the kids had fun AND so did the Moms.

Lucinda said...

Thanks again for letting us come join in the fun! The kids had a good time and it was nice to visit again.

*~Petra~* said...

I LOVE the mummy. So freakin' cute! :)