Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Check Please

I know that I am not skinny, slender or . . . okay I'll say it - I'm obese. Technically morbidly obese if you asked a doctor. But you won't see me on any of those TLC shows for sure. Even with all that said, I thought I could still enjoy a meal out with my husband for a early Valentine's Day. Not so. Not only am I overweight, I am also seven and a half months pregnant.

So we decided to go to Texas Roadhouse Grill on Friday night. This is the newest restaurant in Bountiful so it is always packed, especially on the Friday night before Valentine's Day. When we get there, they told us the wait would be about an hour and 15 minutes. Not too bad. Tim tried to shave some time off by telling them I was pregnant but it didn't work. So off we went to a couple of stores to buy things we didn't need. We get back about an hour later and Tim goes up to check where our wait time is. The hostess tells us happily that we have about another hour wait ahead of us. Apparently they said an hour and 50 minutes, not 15. Whatever, we'll wait.

So, about 5 minutes later, they call Tim's name. They had a table ready for us. Wow, I guess telling them I was preggers worked. But, it actually wasn't a table they had ready, it was a booth. Well, when I get to the booth, it looks pretty small. As I go to sit down, turns out I was right, it was really small. I almost needed a shoe horn to wedge me in there. Tim asks if I'm okay and I think I can handle it so I say I'm fine.

Now, the thing about having a little too much fat hanging around is that it squishes around and in pretty easily. It may not look pretty but you can squeeze into some tighter places than you really should if you have to. Not so when you are preggo. In my case, all the extra flab has moved down and around back. I'm pretty tight were the baby is. By the time our salads got to our table, I was pretty uncomfortable. After a couple of bites of salad, there was no getting around it, I was killing the baby. He was pushed in so far that I'm sure he would have been saying some choice words to me if he could.

So, my uncomfort took the cake and we had to ask for our food to go even though I was totally mortified that I had to admit that I was too fat to fit into a booth. That's it, after this baby, I'm hitting the gym. For reals this time.


MaryBeth said...

Oh my gosh! I cannot stop laughing...actually, I've been cracking up ever since you told me the story on Friday.

You're not fat, baby...just quit eating those potatoes :) ...name that movie...

Emma said...

It's from Corrina, Corrina and if I remember correctly, he also calls her beautiful, so tell me I'm pretty.

MaryBeth said...

You're a pretty girl.

My Name's Sarah said...

Oh dear! Did you get steak? I like steak.