Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Josh's "Other Mommy"

It's true. Josh has an "Other Mommy". No, Tim and I have not decided to become polygamists (although Tim might not mind too much if it meant he would get a little action now and then, but that's for another post).

Anyway, MaryBeth convinced me to try out this game called Animal Crossing for the Wii. It's kind of like Sims but way toned down. You are a character that lives in a town with some animals. You make your way in life by fishing in the river and ocean, digging up fossils and picking fruit from trees. You then sell your stuff to get "bells" from the local merchant. Now what do you do with "bells" you ask. Simple, you buy furniture for your house or try to pay off your mortgage so you can get a bigger house. Or, you can go to the city.

Well, in the city you can get a makeover. That's what I did. After the stylist asked me a series of questions, out my character popped looking eerily similar to me. A nice little brown bob. Josh looked up from his trains most likely and said, "That's my other mommy." Now when I play, he asks if "other mommy" is going to go fishing or hit the rock to see if anything happens.

If I could only get "other mommy" to clean our house, I would be in heaven.


MaryBeth said...

LOL! That cracks me up. I love that game!!! Did I tell you I got my basement? Have you played today? The snow is gone and grass is coming in...springtime on Animal Crossing is lovely.

My Name's Sarah said...

I sometimes wish my kids had an "other mommy!"

Oh, you and MBD are quierdos.