Saturday, February 21, 2009

Puff the Magic Dragon

Puff the Magic Dragon is one of my favorite songs. I learned to play it on the guitar and would play and sing it for Josh quite often. So, it has also become one of Josh's favorites as well. Tim checked out a Puff book from the library with a CD.

One night before bed, Josh, Tim and I were reading books. He picked out this one and wanted to listen to the CD with it instead of just reading it. He was so focused on the pictures in the book this time as we listened to the music. We got to the part where Jackie Paper stops coming to see Puff. Josh asked why "Uff" was sad and I explained that Jackie Paper had grown up and was probably a daddy now so he didn't have enough time to pretend anymore and come and see Puff. Josh looked that page even more intently and his lower lip began to quiver. I then saw tears forming in his eyes. He let go of his side of the book, wiped his eyes and said, "Oh mom, that is really sad."

We continued on with the book with Josh wiping the few last tears that came. At the end of this book, a little girl shows up to play with Puff and you see Jackie Paper all grown up peeking at Puff and the girl you assume to be his daughter playing and having fun. Josh asks who that is and I explain. He then gets a huge grin on his face, his eyes light up and he says, "Hey, Uff is happy now!"


MaryBeth said...

How sweet! As much as kids bug me, I love the lessons they help me to remember.

My Name's Sarah said...

That is so cute! That made me sad, too.