Sunday, June 7, 2009

Josh's Pics

We bought a kid friendly camera for Josh at an after Christmas sale. Josh played with is the day after we got it but quickly deleted the pictures before we could do anything with them. He never really got back into the picture thing. But today when we got home from church, we saw a happy little snail on the sidewalk. I saw the camera I just had to get Josh in the closet yesterday while I was cleaning so I suggested to Josh that we hurry inside and get the camera so we could take some pictures. The first one below is compliments of Josh and the rest are mine. So thank you little snail for helping us get some use out of this camera. The camera also takes video, so watch for some on those!

1 comment:

MaryBeth said...

Wait. Where are the picture of the snail after you poured salt all over it.

...patiently waiting...