Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sorry Sucka

Sometimes Josh can be a bottomless pit. He will start with breakfast and then not stop eating until lunch. This morning was almost one of those days. After asking about a million times for something to eat and a million times of me saying no, I gave in. I was doing my hair and Josh comes back with a juice box. He asks if he can have it. Sure, was the answer. No harm in a 100% juice juice box. Little did I know he had also tried to get a little something else. When he was down for his nap (ha, ha), I walked in to the kitchen to get some water. I look into the dinning room and what do I see? A box of cookies that used to be in the pantry. They were sitting under the table with the same number of cookies as were there last night. Josh thought he was being so slick by sneaking cookies, but you're not so slick when you can't open the container. So, sorry sucka! Better luck next time.


MaryBeth said...

Benny needs to hurry and grow up so Josh can have a look-out.

Higleys said...

Good choice of cookies, If he did open the container you would hear it.