Thursday, February 3, 2011


Most of the TV the kids watch is on PBS. Sometimes lame, but mostly educational and no adds for the Better Batter Baseball. Dinosaur Train is on right before we leave to take Josh to school. It's a show about talking dinosaurs that ride on a train through time and space to meet and learn about other dinosaurs. The main family consists of pteranodons and an adopted t-rex that hatched out of the eggs the mom was sitting on.

Okay, so I know you probably don't care about all that but you have to have the background for Josh's comment this morning. I'm putting on Benj's shoes and Josh is watching Dinosaur Train. All of the sudden he says, "Hey, dinosaurs don't wear hats!"

Really? Out of all the things dinosaurs "don't do", like talk, ride on trains, time travel, etc, you point out that they don't wear hats?

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