Monday, May 4, 2009

Too Much TV?

I admit, I use TV as a babysitter for my 4-year-old. In fact, he's watching TV right now. But things might be getting out of control. Tim took Josh to Walmart over the weekend to make a Mother's Day flower out of Legos. (It's cute by the way. I'll try and put a picture up later.) Anyway, they were also looking for a birthday present for Josh's cousin. All of a sudden, Josh saw this:
Josh immediately said: "Dad, I need the Better Batter Baseball!" Not, "Dad, I need a new baseball" or "Dad, I need a new bat" but the "Better Batter Baseball". This boy watches too much TV. He is getting sucked into the marketing schemes of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. They are in cahoots with ESPN to convince our young children that they need this contraption to play baseball. Not only does Josh think that he needs the Better Batter Baseball, but he also told me this morning that we needed to get some Glade Plug-in or other some such product so our house will smell good. So, not only am I a bad mother because I let my son watch too much TV, but apparently I don't clean enough so our house stinks as well. What are you going to do?


My Name's Sarah said...

Henry calls me in everytime the Topsy Turvey Tomato infomercial comes on-- "Mom, it's your favorite thing..."

Emma said...

Josh just ran in and saw my post. He cuddled up next to me and said, "Is that the Better Batter Baseball?"

Velda said...

Mary was scrolling through my google reader and found this. "Well _I_ call that the Badder Batter Baseball." She hasn't explained why.