Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Plea to Jane Austen

Ms. Austen - I'm sorry that I haven't given your books and movies the time they deserve this past year and particularly this summer. I have spent my time watching dribble including Desperate Housewives and Teen Mom instead enjoying the literary splendor that are your great works. I know that I skipped over Sense and Sensibility on Netflix streaming to watch something lame that I can't even remember. I know that Pride and Prejudice has been sitting on my shelf for many years without being watched. I know that the only reason that I read one of your books recently was because it was part of book club a year ago. I am sorry and did not mean to offend. I suppose watching The Jane Austen Book Club when it came on tv was not enough. I will begin watching Pride and Prejudice today during quiet time. I will go to the library and check out Sense and Sensibility. Please, just please let me find my copies of Persuasion. Both are missing and they are not streaming on Netflix. I need to find my Persuasion. Again I am sorry and any help you can render would be greatly appreciated.


Mom said...

I understand. This summer I have read the 8 vol set of Anne of GG. I love them.

Mom said...

I hear you Em. This summer I have devolted to LM Montgomery and the Ann series.

Anita said...

You know, Persuasion is my favorite of hers. Though sometimes I will admit that I crave "fluff" because I've been doing too much thought-provoking reading... :)