Friday, August 7, 2009

Christmas in August?

Last December, I bought about 4 bags of gingerbread cookie mix for school and for cookies for neighbor gifts. I only used one for school and was cookied out by the time it was time for the gingerbread. Well, Josh found the cookie mix a couple of months ago and started bugging me about making the cookies. But who wants gingerbread in May? I kept it hidden for a while, but while rearranging our pantry, to make room for food storage - we've been stocking up this summer - Josh found the cookie mix again. So this morning, we made gingerbread. Complete with stars, hearts, pumpkins and trees!And after all the effort, this is all he ate - one little part of a heart cookie. Oh well, we had fun.

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My Name's Sarah said...

So cute! I love that he's in his PJ's.