Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Better Late Than Never

With a new baby here and a summer off of work, I thought it was time to do a little scrapbooking. I was really excited to do a book for Benjamin. But then I thought, Josh is old enough that he'll ask where his is. The answer to that is "non-existent". I figured I would start there. But I didn't have all the pictures I wanted yet. Most are still on the computer. So I decided to start where I should have started 6 years ago--with a scrapbook of Tim's and my first year of marriage. I found the scrapbookers new best friend. The one-hour album in a box from SEI. It is so reasonably priced at their outlet in Logan, I may never go back to figuring out my own layouts. It has everything you need to do an album - pre-cut paper, ribbons, buttons, tags, letter stickers, etc. You just assemble and add pictures. I put the album together yesterday while Benjamin was napping and added pictures today while he was playing next to me. I'm going to keep the directions with paper dimensions for another album. I'll just switch the order of the layouts and the paper so it looks at least a little different. Here's the finished product (minus some journaling).
Josh's and Benjamin's baby albums are put together. I just need to develop some pictures and then I'll post them!


My Name's Sarah said...

That's cool! How much was the packet. I'm actually in the process of organizing all of my pictures on the computer. (What a mess!) When I'm done, I want to for sure want to get them printed and organized.

Emma said...

i got a 6x6 for $15. not bad. I also got an 8x8 for 10 but the album cover was just thin cardboard. I just put it in another album that I bought at a warehouse sale. the site is let me know if you like anything and i can see if they have it at the outlet next time I go up to logan