Sunday, August 17, 2008

When Will The Fluff End?

So, I just found out that I'm pregnant. While yes, I am excited, I'm already starting to hate it. I have said before that I loved being pregnant and it was no problem at all but that is so not the case with this one. I am about a month along and morning sickness is taking on a whole new meaning. And who came up with the term morning sickness anyway. I'm sick all freakin' day long. I'm not throwing up but sometimes I kind of wish I was. All I do is poop all day long. Yep, you read it right, I POOP all day long. It's like I've eaten one too many FiberOne bars. And the thing that really sucks about it is that the poop is so dang fluffy that no weight is lost with it. Now, don't laugh and pretend you haven't done this. You're trying to lose that one more pound so you poop and then get on the scale to see if that number has changed at all. And usually it does, at least a little. Well not so with the fluffy poop. It's all air. Yeah, it sucks. At least with throw up, I might not want to eat for at least part of the day so I might lose a little weight by the end of it. But all I can do now is ask, "When will the fluff end?"

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MaryBeth said...

...giggling at fluffy poo...

No losing weight during pregnancy!