Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My New Favorite - Sweet Mini Peppers

If you have not tried these peppers, you must!  They are seriously my new favorite food.  Last week I had a  salad for lunch 4 days with these little gems.  The only reason I didn't have it more was because my hubby took me out one day and I ran out of lettuce and these cute little peppers on the others.  But I went to the store yesterday and they were the first things in my cart - seriously.  Depending on the week, peppers can get kind of pricey and I never seem to finish them or they get lost in the black hole my fridge can be sometimes.  With these super yummies, I can grab as many or as few as I want and save the rest for later.  So with this little post, go out and try some yourself.  You won't be disappointed.  And if you need some ideas of what to do with these, check out this site here.  I haven't tired any of these recipes myself, but I will be.  This site just came up when I was looking for a picture of the peppers - lol.  Hopefully it's a good one.  If you try any recipes before me, let me know which are your faves!

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