Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Tetris Incident

So, my mom is crazy. She gets way too into video games and computer stuff. Just recently she joined Facebook and got into Farmville. I was checking my facebook before I went to bed the other night and noticed that she had posted something about farmville. I checked the time. It was at close to midnight her time. I commented that she better be careful or it might turn into another "tetris incident".

The "tetris incident" is as follows. After I came home from my mission, my mom and I were the only ones living in the house. We did lots of fun things together. One of those things was have Family Home Evening. Often, we would invite a friend who was doing an internship in DC. We'd have FHE with an activity afterwards. Sometimes we would play ping pong downstairs or a board game at the table. But most times we would play tetris. Now I know that tetris is addicting, but my mom took it to a whole new level. We would all play together for about an hour or so then I would take our friend home at about 9:00pm. Sometimes we would stay at his house and chat a little bit so I wouldn't get home until 10:30 or 11:00. When I got home, my mom would still be playing tetris. I'd head off to bed. My mom and I usually wouldn't see each other until late morning the next day when I got home from school. She would confess to me that she had stayed up until like 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning playing tetris. She would play other nights as well after I had gone to bed just as late as the previous night. CRAZY!

After a month or so of this, my mom says to me, "We need to stop playing tetris. I can't sleep at night. All I see is little tetris pieces falling in front of my eyes." "WE need to stop playing tetris? Sorry mom, you're the crazy one that can't stop playing to save your life." To save her from her addiction, I had to pack up the game and take it to work with me.

So, if you're my mom's friend on Facebook, please DON'T feed her addiciton to Farmville too much. It will get out of hand very quickly. Love you mom!!!! Oh, and don't look too closely at the tetris picture or you may start playing again. I don't think Bill could handle it.


MaryBeth said...

Yeah, mom has issues. I was the one that had to calm her down after she took two many aleeve and was seeing things...hilarious!

My Name's Sarah said...