Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family Home Evening Equals Money!

Tim and I wanted to really start doing Family Home Evening this year on a weekly basis like we should. With Josh turning five at the beginning of the year, we thought it was time for him to have a weekly allowance. So, we decided that our first FHE would be about tithing. We told Josh that he would get $2.00 every Saturday. 50 cents would go to savings, 20 cents to tithing and the rest for him to spend. Josh was totally for it.

Well, the next week, we told Josh it was time for Family Home Evening again. We only had to tell Josh once. He jumped right up on the couch and was ready to go with the biggest smile I've seen on him in weeks. Our lesson for this week was on "God is the Father of my spirit". After a couple of minutes, Josh said, "When are we going to talk about the money?" "Well Josh", I said, we talked about tithing last week. This week we are going to talk about Heavenly Father." His once smiling face turned into the dirtiest look I've been given by him in a long time. He glared at both Tim and me for the next couple of minutes. But soon, the Spirit took over. Josh came over and climbed into my lap as we finished our lesson.

Hopefully by the time Benjamin gets his first FHE lesson on tithing, we'll have been doing them long enough that he'll realize that Family Home Evening does not equal getting money.

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